About the Plunge Club


the plunge club philosophy

Are you ready to take the Plunge?

The Plunge Club is the most exclusive club in the World with a free entry policy, you can invite yourself in at any time.

Why is it a Club then? Because very few people actually manage to take the Plunge, go beyond their comfort zone and explore the unknown.

What does it take to “take the Plunge”?

How do you overcome limiting beliefs to create something greater?

The Plunge Club objective is to answer those questions by interviewing Game Changers, to find out how they did it and share their advice based on experience.

Read about the stories of those who who did it, explore their motivation and find out what awaits you on the other side.

Also in The Plunge Club:

The PM Corner

Reflection on Product Management and what is like to be a Product Manager.  A continuous curve of learning through experience.

The PM Corner

The Rabbit Hole & Other Stories

How do you acquire new skills in a world overflowed with information? Where do you start? Let’s start together from scratches.

The Rabbit Hole

About Me

My name is Sara Tortoli and I have created The Plunge Club to found out what is it that pushes people to follow their dreams.

A dreamer myself, for years I was paralysed by fears and self doubts and couldn’t take the Plunge. This is why I decided to  interview the people who succeeded, in order to gather insights on how and why they did it and get inspired by them in the process. 

I am a passionate Product Manager and in this blog I also document my learning and reflections as I grow in this profession in the “PM Corner“, as well my insatiable curiosity in “The Rabbit Hole & Other Stories” , where I decompose the knowledge of a certain area starting from the following question: if I want to master a new topic, where do I start?

I hope you will enjoy your time in the Plunge Club and if that is the case, subscribe to the newsletter.